Ghosts of Animal House remain in Eugene, decades after the release of the comedy classic - News

By Dylan Darling/The Register-Guard

Forty years later, the signature location is long gone, replaced by a parking lot.

The dilapidated Eugene home on East 11th Avenue that was the namesake for the movie “National Lampoon’s Animal House” was torn down in 1986.

Still, the legacy of “Animal House” remains, as do many of the film’s locations around the Eugene area. They are a visual reminder of that frantic autumn of 1977 when Hollywood descended on the southern Willamette Valley to make what would become a cult comedy classic.

Eugene is known for track and field, runner Steve Prefontaine and the birth of Nike. But this wild, zany and raunchy movie is another enduring claim to fame.

The movie is set in 1962 and follows the exploits of Delta House, a fraternity of misfits — one of them played by John Belushi — who battle the dean of fictional Faber College. Director John Landis filmed it in the fall of 1977 and released it in the summer of 1978. Anyone familiar with the UO, Eugene and Cottage Grove will immediately recognize locations throughout the 109-minute movie.

During UO tours, guides often point out “Animal House” landmarks, said Micah Howe, the university’s assistant director of visit programs. Johnson Hall, an administration building that’s home to the UO president’s office, is where mischievous fraternity members sneak a horse into the dean’s office. The Fishbowl, the Erb Memorial Union’s distinctive cafeteria, is the site of the movie’s infamous food fight scene.

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