A campus visitors’ guide to ‘Animal House’ ... then and now - News Release

First, let us dispense with the bad news: You won’t get to see the actual “Animal House.”

The Eugene building that played moviedom's most famous fraternity got demolished back in 1986. But, while the actual abode of beastly behavior can be revisited only through photographs and memories, many other locations that were featured in “National Lampoon’s Animal House” remain intact around the UO campus — even if some inevitably have changed over time.

With this summer marking the film's 40th anniversary and Cottage Grove gearing up to reclaim the title of world's largest toga party on August 18, much interest has been rekindled in the role that the university played in bringing "Animal House" to the silver screen.

Critical responses to the movie are ever-changing, as well. However you feel about its humor, taking an “Animal House”-themed walking tour is a fun way to learn about local movie lore and revisit memories of college days. For first-time visitors, it also can be a great way to get acquainted with one of the most photogenic campuses on the West Coast.

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Published on the University of Oregon's Around the O website. 

A campus visitors’ guide to ‘Animal House’ ... then and now